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What, When, Why, Who and How of Leasing

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What is Leasing

Leasing a horse is similar to leasing a car - the person leasing is responsible for the care, upkeep, and management of the horse, without the upfront costs of purchasing and long-term management/risk associated with purchasing. 

Leasing a horse is usually offered in two forms: 

1. Off-Site Lease (of a Show Horse) These leases include spending a third to half of the horses upfront purchase cost for a year of use, plus the care, boarding and training of the horse. 

2. On-site Half Leasing or Full Leasing (of a show horse) these types of leases are often provided by trainers or stables that offer the use of a horse either in full care of one person, or in partial care of two people. In the case of half leasing, there is a lease fee owed to the horses owners either monthly or annually, and the above care fees are split by the leasing persons. The time of access to the horse would also be split (typically three days of riding for each half leasee.) 

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When should I lease?

Leases typically are set in either 12 month, 6 month or month to month options. Leasing is a good idea to do when:

A) A rider is showing interest in lessons and pursuing developing there horsemanship through horse care, competition, and connection horses provide. Leasing will provide this rider with a chance to enjoy all of those aspects of the horse, before taking the big step into ownership. 

B) Competition Goals - if a rider has big aspirations and dreams, leasing a good quality show horse can be a great way to step into the show ring and boost confidence, boost skill, or simply have horse available to practice competing on! Many riders who begin in competition will require a quiet minded experienced horse to learn on, that same horse may not be able to take the rider into the upper levels of competition, therefore, leasing can be used as a stepping stone on the riders pathway. 

C) Finances - horses are massively expensive to feed, care for and train. Leasing a horse may simply be a more economical way for riders to enjoy the benefits of horse ownership and stewardship without the large implications of ownership. 

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Why Lease?

Both leasing, and horse ownership provide horse enthusiasts with a connection to these big kind hearted beasts we ride. In Ownership or leasing, riders have opportunities to enjoy the horse and practice riding outside of lesson times, as well as ample opportunity to learn topics that are not typically covered in a traditional lesson program - such as trail riding, trailer loading, training and more. Our program in particular asks that riders own or lease horse to participate in travelling competitions, and events. In house clinics and shows are available for all Edwards Farms clientele; however the connection, practice and care required to leave property calls for a commitment to the horse above and beyond a weekly lesson scenario. 
Leasing, at the end of it is really why we got into this "horse thing" anyways... its for the horse!

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Who Can Lease?

Any one can! Leases are not restricted to Edwards Farms current cleints - if you see a horse you like or are new to our farm, we will welcome you with open arms! 

All of our lease riders have the opportunity to ride outside of lesson times, therefore the lease riders should have the following skills:

Catching + Leading


Grooming + Tacking

Safe Handling Skills 

Confidence riding in the Walk/Trot and Canter. 

All of our lease riders must adhere to the Barn Rules, and lease riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

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How Can I Lease?

The first step of leasing is let our trainers know! lease touch base with your trainer at your next lesson, or reach out to us via text or email (403-550-9194 if you are new to the program. Ours trainers will set you up on horses to try for leasing, and assess skill development with safe mounts. 
Leasing is fun, but it isn't free. You'll need to account for not only your own riding gear - but potentially tack (pending the horse and rider combo), as well as the monthly lease fee and care costs of a horse such as grain, farrier, veterinary, dental and chiropractic work to name a few. 
Each horses monthly lease rates are individual, as well as care costs. Lessons are not included in lease fees, nor is training, hauling or competitions. Please discuss applicable rates with your lease owner or trainer.

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Horses For Lease

On-site Leases Available Only




This big boy is an absolute gift to his riders - "Joey" as he's called in the barn, has all the moves for dressage, and all the heart for the jumpers. He's a rare find and loans ample education to his riders.

Half Lease or Full Lease Available at this time.





Hacks out alone. 

Jumps a ten. 

Takes a joke. 

Auto changes, easy and fun lateral work. This boy can bring home ribbons in all three rings, then take neighbours kids around for pony rides because he enjoys it.

 Upcoming young riders dream. 

Half Lease available at this time.





If you have ever dreamed of cantering along as easy as floating... this is the boy for you. Kinley is an amazing man - he teaches kids and adults alike to post, then he steps into a rated .8 divison and takes home ribbons in the speed classes. 

Half lease available at this time.

Mount McKinley




Cute as a cob, and hardy as one too! 

Copper expects excellence from his riders, and he is more than happy to perform. Always eager to please, Coppers work ethic on the flat matches his work ethic over fences. This boy may be shoter than some of our lease horses, but he is certainly mighty and more than capable of carrying a tall riders leg. 

Half Lease Available at this Time.




Welsh Pony

You'll learn to ride like a professional in no time on a pony like this....

Start your young rider off on a proper Welsh Pony that will take them on bareback adventures, trail rides, and into the ribbons every show. Meet Teddy - the most perfect little boy around. 

Half Lease Available at this time. 

Wee Tough Tedders




Made of sugar and spice and maybe something nice.... Spike is available for a short - term lease over this fall/winter/spring to teach you all things horse and ground work related... and potentially for you to teach him a thing or too as well. Spike does not appear to be exceptionally well broke to ride... but he is the perfect little mate for someone who enjoys leading, grooming, lunging and even driving! 

Spikes lease fee is $100/month


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