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Indoor Board

1125.00 +GST

Soft Stall Mats
Straw Bedding
Water Buckets
Daily Turn Out (Grass or Dirt Paddocks)
Daily Grain
Daily Hay 
Daily Blanket Change
Turn In Service for Farrier, Vet, Chiro, Massage Etc.

Paddock Board

675.00 + GST

Large Grass Or Dirt Paddocks

Group Paddocks (Limited to 4 horses)

Electrobraid or wood rail fencing.


Water Troughs

24//7 hay access OR daily hay feedings

Blanket Changes

Turn In Service for vet, farrier, chiro etc

Pasture Board

500.00 +GST

Seasonal Grazing or Hay
Mare only and gelding only options.
Horse Shelters
Easy Access Gates

Facility Amenities

Available For All Boarding Options

Heated Indoor Arena
GGT Footing (NEW)
Wash Bay with Cross Ties
Tack Lockers
Blanket Hooks
Two Outdoor Grass Rings
Outdoor Round Pen
Hacking Fields Outdoors

Boarding: Classes

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