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Heat. Horses. Happiness.

This summer is one dedicated to the horses. Our farm is celebrating its 3rd year of operation in Cochrane AB, and therefore we are bringing you 3 summer camps worth celebrating. 

Horseback riding can be a very rewarding experience, and our camps have always aimed to display the best of horses through education in the saddle, on the ground, and around the stable. Our campers receive two daily mounted lessons/rides as well as unmounted lessons on horse care, handling and health. 

Please note not all camps are priced the same, pending the required staff, planned adventures, and camp activities.

We have raised our prices to reflect inflation, as well as the extraordinary efforts of our staff, instructors expertise, and equipment provided during camp.

2023 Summer Camp: About Me

Horse Show Fridays

Fridays are for the families! Each week campers welcome parents, friends and family for a hands on learning experience about horses, and a fun show to demonstrate their new found skills!

2023 Summer Camp: Welcome

The Horsemen

July 3-7th 2023 

This camp is a unique event; specialized for equestrian athletes. Focused jumping lessons, challenging flatwork, theory development and young horse handling sessions are just a few of the opportunities afforded to "The Horsemen" this summer.

Athletes in this camp must currently be involved with horses, and riding independently at the walk, trot, and canter. Camp spaces will be limited, riders outside of the Edwards Farms program are welcome to register if the above mentioned riding requirements are meant. 

The week of education, practise and refinement will be wrapped up with a friendly competition that family and friends are welcome to attend; the Family Friday Horse Show.

Camp Cost: $720.00

Junior Riders Week 1 + Week 2

Week 1: July 17- 21st, 2023 
Week 2: August 7-11th, 2023
9am-4pm Each Week

Junior Riders is where it is at! The foundation of horse handling, horse care and riding is the focus of our Junior Riders. Campers vary from never riding a horse, to riding at the walk + trot independently. We've been known to have the occasional few begin to canter at camp even! Lessons are catered to campers skill set and confidence in the saddle.

Our staff and horses love these camp weeks, meeting new friends, seeing old friends and enjoying the horse for all the horse has to offer. 

Family Friday Horse Show is always a hit with our Junior riders, as they eagerly demonstrate horse handling, horse care, and riding. Be sure to add it to your calendar! 

Camp Cost: $575.00 

2023 Summer Camp: My Experience

Camp Packing + Planning

For the Rider

- Lunch + Snacks

- Water Bottle

- Sunscreen + Sun Protection (hat, glasses etc)

- Closed-toe boots with a heel.

- Spare shoes when not riding.

- Full Length Pants for riding + Layered Tops for all weather conditions.

- Spare change of clothes.

For the Parents

- Online Registration

- Etransfer (Credit Card payment options available upon request) 

- Signed Liability Waiver Day 1 of Camp.

Already on the Farm:

- ASTM Approved Riding Helmets 
- Horses
- Tack (Bridle, Saddle, Halters etc)
- Small Selection of riding boots available for use. 
- Equine Canada Certified Instructors
- First Aid + CPR Trained Staff
- Current Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks for staff.

2023 Summer Camp: Classes

"Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”

1 Corinthians 9:25

2023 Summer Camp: Quote
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